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DNA Extraction Kits

Nucleic Acid Extraction - Hylabs offers various options for DNA extraction kits: Tissue DNA extraction / Stool DNA extraction / PLANT DNA Extraction etc.
We represent several companies that offer these extraction kits, such as Geneaid and Bioneer and RBC as well as produce our own DNA extraction kits locally in Israel. please see all the offered kits below.

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    Hy Labs Extraction kits

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    Bioneer Kits

    Bioneer offers Extraction kits using different methods like Magnetic Nanobeads.

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    Geneaid Purification kits

    Geneaid is a manufacturer of DNA/RNA purification products including plasmid kits, DNA extraction kits, RNA kits, virus DNA RNA kits, gel extraction kits, PCR cleanup kits and more.

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    RBC Bioscience offer automated systems for extracting DNA/RNA from start to finish; sample to eluate. Their MagCore® instruments will simplify your daily workflow with their own distinguishing features and our patented Magnetic-bead purification technology.

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