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Food & water, Veterinary Diagnostic

Hylabs offers a full solution for Food and water industries.

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    Prepared Media

    hylabs manufacturer and distributor of prepared media for the detection an identification of microorganism in Food & Water, veterinary market.
    among our Prepared media products: ready to use plates-conventional and chromogenic media (PD), Divided plates (DD). Slides (SD) and Tubes (TT).

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    Dehydrated Media

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    Sampling bottles

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    RT PCR rapid tests

    RT-PCR kits are offered by Biotecon.
    BIOTECON Diagnostics is a leading partner for molecular and microbiological
    The foodproof® product lines offer a wide range of real-time PCR rapid tests for the detection of microorganisms, animals, genetically modified plants, allergens and viruses.

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    Lateral Flow Rapid Tests Pathogens & Allergens

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    Environmental monitoring solutions

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    Veterinary Diagnostics

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    Rapid Microbial Testing System

    The Soleris® Next Generation (NG) System is now available offering rapid, automated microbial testing. Soleris NG brings together the best of both worlds, combining our existing Soleris and BioLumix® platforms to offer a more comprehensive range of testing applications across food, nutraceutical and cosmetic matrices.

    The Soleris System consists of an our next generation instrument, ready-to-use culture media vials, and system software that is designed to provide results in less time when compared with traditional methods.

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    Contamination & Analysis testing

    Hylabs distribute Randox Food which provide the global food market with tools for the screening of antimicrobials, growth promoting hormones, drugs of abuse in animals and produce and toxins offering superb limits of detection and simple sample preparations.


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    Cleaning & Disinfection

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    Guide-seq analysis now available at Hylabs

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