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Hy Laboratories Ltd (hylabs), is Israel’s leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of tools for detection and identification of microorganisms and molecular biology products.


hylabs is the leading diagnostic company in Israel in the field of microbiology specially in infection diseases. For five decades, it has specialized in the development, production and marketing of services and products for the detection and identification of microorganisms. Today the company leads the field through advanced molecular methods such as RT PCR and NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) in the clinical, industrial, research and innovation markets, alongside the continued production of classical tools for conventional culturing methods.


The products and services offered to the company’s customers together with the extensive knowledge and proficiency of our staff are designed to help our customers meet the highest requirements of international and local standards. Our R&D TEAM works closely with leading experts in the field of microbiology and molecular biology, develops and practices the world’s most advanced technologies accessible to the market. An internal quality assurance unit oversees all testing performed in laboratories to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the results. The company operates professional customer service and support teams that provide technical assistance both remotely and at the customer’s site.



The department offer a wide product’s list, including the development and production of specific products according to customer’s requirements in the fields of microbiology and molecular biology, while selecting the QC methods for their testing and approving. Among the products we specialize in: molecular and biochemical kits, conventional and chromogenic culture media for growing, isolating and identifying bacteria and reagent solutions and products adapted to the requirements of the biotechnology market and more.

The production lines meet ISO9001 and ISO13485 standards and include clean rooms, hoods, autoclaves and automatic pouring systems. The department is working on the development of products for the detection and identification of viruses, fungi and bacteria, including multidrug resistant microorganisms as well as a kit for the determination their resistance mechanisms. We are currently developing means for detecting the COVID-19 corona virus, including the manufacture of a RNA/DNA extraction solution at the request of the Israeli Ministry of Health.

Service Laboratories

Service Laboratories

The Laboratories Division offers a wide range of tests and services in the fields of molecular biology, classical microbiology alongside rapid and innovative methods; Biochemistry, virology, cell cultures and chemistry. The services are provided by a team of talented and certified analysts at the highest professional and service level.
The laboratories are certified by the Israeli Laboratory Accreditation Authority (ISO 17025) and the GMP of the Ministry of Health. All tests are performed in accordance with customer needs and regulations (EMA, FDA, CE).
The laboratories specialize in performing safety tests and releasing products to the Pharma market; Medical Devices; Cell Therapy; Medical Cannabis; Phytopathology; Pharmaceutical Preparations and Dialysis Water.

The laboratory specializes in rapid methods for sterility and mycoplasma (BacT / ALERT, HB & L, nested PCR). The laboratory also offers a solution for the full identification of microorganisms by molecular methods and in MALDI-TOF-MS, in addition to the NGS & Sanger sequencing services, cloning, protein purification, and any project that combines all the methods.

The laboratory specializes in the following tests:
Cell Therapy
Virology & Cell Culture
R & D Projects
Medical Devices
Cannabis & Phytopathology
Clean Rooms

Marketing and Distribution

Marketing and Distribution

The marketing and distribution department provides its customers with a comprehensive solution for the establishment and management of a sophisticated testing system.
Among other things, the company’s application team supports and accompanies the evaluation process for the implementation of the various kits; Supports the implementation of infection prevention solutions; Accompanies and supports software and automatic analysis kits and automated analysis; Assists in building an archive for laboratories, and supports the implementation of pooling methods, including the ability to prioritize tests alongside solutions for rapid tests developed by the world’s leading companies.
Hylabs has exclusive distribution agreements from leading international companies in Israel (click here for the full list). Leading brands include Biotcom and TSC for the water and food market; ACC which provides a kit for performing endotoxin tests for pharma companies; AUROM – manufacturer of air sampling device in clean rooms; Genwiz and Metabion which supply synthetic primers and genes to the research market; SSI, TECHLAB and MAST that provide fast kits and antisera for the clinical field.
hylabs exclusively represents the South Korean company Seegen, which is at the forefront of the development of molecular methods for the detection and identification of infectious disease pathogens, especially the corona virus. The company’s established relationship has enabled hylabs to provide a fully automated solution that includes equipment and kits for corona virus detection to all clinical laboratories in Israel, and for many months since the outbreak of the disease, has been the leading supplier of hundreds of thousands of kits and infrastructures to corona testing laboratories. In addition, Seegene has an integrated corona flu kit that provides a complete solution for performing respiratory tests in the winter.

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