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Medical Cannabis

Specializing in medical cannabis testing, our service labs lead the way with our rapid testing. We are the first lab in Israel, to offer medical cannabis full microbial testing results in 48 hours. Our services include full microbial testing and metal analysis by ICP-MS (certified by the MOH YAKAR).

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TOC (Total Organic Carbon)

Total organic carbon (TOC) is the amount of carbon found in an organic compound and is often used as a non-specific indicator of water quality or cleanliness of pharmaceutical and manufacturing equipment. Hy Laboratories is equipped with the new OI Analytica’s Aurora […]

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Water tests

Water is widely used as raw material, inactive ingredient, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) as well as in cleaning applications. The testing of water samples from a water system is critical to the ongoing control of […]

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ICP-MS: We offer an element scanning technology with the highest matrix tolerance and unmatched interference removal that allows us to analyst a great verity of samples and deliver fast, accurate and consistently reproducible results even […]

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Cannabis testing

Medical Cannabis is a growing branch. Although it is not a drug it is under the regulation of the Israeli Health Department (Yakar). The microbiological testing we provide is based on pharmacopeial methods and in […]

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Disinfectant Efficacy

The purpose of this study is to determine the efficacy of the disinfectant reagents used for the sanitization of surfaces in controlled manufacturing facilities and performed according to USP <1072>. The disinfectants efficacy is evaluated […]

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Materials and products that are to be sterilized should be examined to determine the level of bioburden (microbial load/count) in the article, prior to its final sterilization. Monitoring of in-process bioburden of pharmaceutical components and […]

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Sterility & LAL

Sterility test:  We are considered to be the most critical lab in Israel for sterility test product release. That specialty in sterility testing is due to our vast experience in adopting rapid methods for sterility […]

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qPCR testing

Gene expression (GMP certified) Reverse transcription-quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR) is considered the gold standard for accurate, sensitive, and fast measurement of gene expression. The RT-qPCR method for gene expression determination is based on relative or absolute […]

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DNA Fragment (STR)

DNA Fragment Analysis is the characterization of DNA fragments based on their size, including specific Gene Fragment. Labeling each fragment with a specific fluorescent dye, multiple fragments can be separated by size using capillary electrophoresis, […]

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Microbial Identification

Bacterial Identification – BID (GMP certified): Sequencing of the Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) genes, followed by comparison of the resulting sequences to ribosomal gene databases, has proven to be the most accurate method available for bacterial […]

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Other Molecular biology tests

Using all the knowledge and experience we accumulated at Hy Laboratories, at our GMP laboratory, we can provide an array of microbiological and molecular biology services. We can tailor our services and methods to match […]

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Other Microbiological tests

Incubation & Count test: Even in the most advanced and secured clean room environment, microbial contamination is unavoidable. Environmental monitoring review of microbial controlled environments such as clean rooms and Laminar air flow hoods, is […]

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