Cannabis testing

Medical Cannabis is a growing branch. Although it is not a drug it is under the regulation of the Israeli Health Department (Yakar). The microbiological testing we provide is based on pharmacopeial methods and in house methods developed for Medical Cannabis and is qualified by the Israeli Health Department and the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority (רשות להסמכת מעבדות).
Medical Cannabis Testing – We perform the test for Total Count and Yeast and molds and the test for absence of Specified Microorganisms (E.coli, Staph. aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Enterobacteriaceae, Salmonella Spp., Shigela Spp., Listeria Spp. and E.coli O157).
In Addition, we test a variety of samples from Cannabis inflorescences, Oils, extracts, APIs, and finished products.

Medical Cannabis Testing within 48 hours
We are specialized in medical cannabis testing and leading in rapid testing of those products. We are the first lab to offer medical cannabis microbial testing in 48 hours. We offer full microbial testing and metal analysis (certified by the MOH YAKAR).

We also offer a Complemeteray test for Cannabis testing: BID

Medical Cannabis & Phytopathology – More Services

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