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Cleaning and disinfection- clean rooms

Hylabs distributes a range of disinfectants, sporicides and detergents for use in GMP cleanrooms and facilities. Formatted for all scales of application.

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    Gram-negative bacteria are especially dangerous as a contaminant because they are a source of endotoxins. Released when the cell is destroyed, it can lead to serious health issues in humans.
    Gram-positive bacteria lacks an outer cell membrane and is the most common microorganism in cleanrooms. This is likely due to the fact that they are often found on the most common inhabitant on cleanrooms, humans.

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    Bacterial spores are highly resistant to a wide array of chemical and physical agents, due to their specialized chemical and physical structure.

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    products designed for cleaning floors, walls, ceiling and other hard surfaces for the removal of process derived residue and light soiling.

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