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Other Molecular biology tests

Using all the knowledge and experience we accumulated at Hy Laboratories, at our GMP laboratory, we can provide an array of microbiological and molecular biology services. We can tailor our services and methods to match most challenges and proof of concepts. From a proof of concept for a new product to preparing for a submission to any regulatory agent.

Using the knowledge of the manufacturing department at Hy Laboratories and the experience of the laboratory staff we provide small scale aseptic manufacturing, mainly for R&D level or animal experiments. These small scale manufacturing is in a GMP environment

Expression and purification (E. coli)

E. coli expression is one of the most widely used systems for recombinant proteins because of its many advantages that include low setup and running costs, short timeline from cloning to protein recovery, high recombinant protein production levels and scalability from small to very large culture volumes.

We offer:

  • Codon optimization and gene synthesis
  • Pilot expression optimization
  • Purification of tagged or tag-free protein
  • Tag removal
  • QC by SDS-PAGE (native or denatured conditions)

Protein Quantification

Many biochemical applications require the quantification of total protein amount per sample. Hylabs can perform total protein quantification assays for samples such as tissue, cultured cells, bacterial culture, and more. We can perform protein quantification and standard curve for data interpretation using fluorescent or colorimetric detection methods, while employing the reagents relevant for each method such as Bradford and BCA

Host Cell Protein Analysis (HCP)

A biopharmaceutical analytical test, for the detection and quantification of residual low-level protein impurities related to the process of drug generation within host organisms. HCP analysis is aimed at identifying residual endogenously expressed proteins remaining in a preparation following its purification. HCPs can hamper drug efficacy, and their identification is critical for biopharmaceutical companies according to regulations.

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