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Product: Presto™ Vac 96 Well Vacuum Manifold

Presto™ Vac 96 Well Vacuum Manifold

Cat No. ZVF01

The Presto™ Vac 96 Well Vacuum Manifold is an efficient system for manual DNA purification and RNA purification from 96 samples concurrently using Presto™ 96 Well Plates and Kits. A large pressure gauge allows for clear determination of vacuum pressure in both cm and inch Hg which can be easily adjusted with the ergonomically designed pressure regulator. Binding plates and filter plates seal tightly to the gasket when vacuum pressure is applied to facilitate uniform flowthrough. The waste tray allows for quick and easy disposal of reagent flowthrough and the flat spacer reduces the distance between the 0.35 ml collection plate and binding plate to ensure complete eluate collection. The compact yet robust design ensures stability during vacuum procedures for excellent reproducibility.

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