Product: Hy-RT- cDNA synthesis kit

Cat No. ER1011/12

Hy-RT-cDNA synthesis kit is optimized to synthesize first-strand cDNA from purified poly(A)+ or total RNA. The RT-pcr kit for RT-PCR delivers increased cDNA yields, high sensitivity, and
full-length transcripts in a convenient format. You get all of the components you need for successful first-strand cDNA synthesis, saving your time and ensuring your success with every experiment. The kit Reverse Transcriptase is a version of M-MLV RT that has been engineered to reduce RNase H activity and provide increased thermal stability. The enzyme is used to synthesize cDNA at a temperature range of 42-55°C, providing increased specificity, higher yields of cDNA, and more full-length product than other reverse transcriptases.


  • First strand cDNA synthesis for RT-PCR .
  • Construction of cDNA libraries.
  • One-step RT-PCR
  • Primer extension

The kit is availble in two sizes- 20/100 reactions

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