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Product: Hy-Mycoplasma PCR kit

Kit for detection of Mycoplasma spp. DNA in tissue culture

Cat No. KI 5034I

Mycoplasma Detection Kit  (PCR) – Hy-Mycoplasma Kit detects presence of Mycoplasma spp. DNA in tissue culture. It is based on specific amplification of Mycoplasma DNA and detection of the PCR product by UV light after gel electrophoresis. The kit also contains an internal control, for monitoring false negatives reactions.

  • Ready to use – Just add the DNA sample to a PCR premix tube
  • Fast – Results are obtained within 2 hours
  • Sensitive and specific – Detects as low as 100 Mycoplasma CFU/ml
  • Internal Control (IC) – to identify false negative results due to PCR inhibition
  • Robust and Universal – Mycoplasma detection kit which detects more than 100 different Mycoplasma, Acholeplasma and Ureaplasma species, including the most commonly encountered Mycoplasma contaminants in cell culture.


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