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Product: Hy-Prep Viral Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit

Cat No. KI-3878-192

This kit is designed for high-throughput automated or manual extraction of viral DNA and RNA from a wide range of samples such as nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs in viral transport medium (VTM), serum, plasma, body fluids, the supernatant of viral infected cell cultures. Total nucleic acid is extracted by using magnetic beads and unique buffer system. The extracted RNA/DNA can be directly used in downstream applications such as PCR, RT-PCR, qPCR, qRT-PCR and various enzymatic reactions.

The procedure is based on the reversible adsorption of nucleic acids to magnetic beads under appropriate buffer conditions. The sample is lysed in LyBi buffer and the released DNA and RNA is adsorbed on the surface of MPN2 magnetic particles. The adsorbed magnetic particles are washed twice with W2 buffer to remove proteins, impurities and salts. Finally, the nucleic acid is eluted from the magnetic beads by elution buffer EL.
192 preps.

Instruction for use

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