Product: StaRlet IVD

StaRlet IVD

Automated NA Extraction & PCR Setup Liquid handling workstation with automated NA extraction and PCR setup MICROLAB STARlet (STARlet) is automated pipetting workstations with magnetic bead based nucleic acid extraction and PCR Setup. These provide convenience in your lab work by minimizing hands-on time and its innovative technology delivers high performance and reliability.

Common Features t Automated DNA/RNA extraction and PCR setup t Minimal hands-on-time

No manual pipetting required

Enclosed operation preventing contamination

Easy to manage liquid waste to drain out of instrument by liquid waste system with level sensor


 Blood , Serum , Plasma ,  Cell pellet ,  Urine , Stool t LBC (liquid based cytology specimen) , Swabs (nasopharyngeal, cervical, vaginal and urethral).


  1. Autoload barcode scanning
  2. Outstanding flexibility

Operating Parameters:

  1. Throughput :1- 94 samples in 2.5 hrs or less
  2. Positional accuracy : 0.1 mm on X-Y-Z
  3. 1,124 (W)795 (D)?903 (H) mm
  4. Weight : 135 kg
  5. Maximum power consumption : 600 W (depending on configuration)

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