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Protein Laboratories Rehovot Ltd.
PLR produces recombinant proteins for research in E. coli (at present we have ~ 140 proteins in our catalogue) sold mainly abroad. PLR has the know-how to produce expression plasmids and recombinant non-glycosylated tagged and untagged proteins upon request. PLR offers consulting and analytical services to Academic Institutions and Biotech companies in Israel and abroad


Our services include:                                                                  

  • Preparation of recombinant proteins of interest
  • Purification of native and recombinant proteins supplied by the customer
  • Analysis of protein purity by SDS-PAGE, SEC, reverse chromatographWestern Blot analysis and CD spectra
  • Testing biological activity of recombinant proteins in cell-based bioassays
  • Enzymatic assays
  • Pegylation (mainly monopegylation) of recombinant proteins aimed at increase of their half-life in circulation 
  • Growth hormone and prolactin family
  • cytokines
  • Leptin related products
  • Soluble receptors


 List of Recombinant proteins


Growth hormone and prolactin family


Leptin related products

Soluble receptors


GHP-1    *Chicken growth hormone

CYT-1   Human brain-derived neurotropic factor (BDNF)

LEP-1   *Bovine leptin

ECD-1   *Human growth hormone soluble receptor (hGH binding protein)

OTH-1 *Bacterial outer membrane protein A

GHP-2    *Chicken growth hormone mutein (G119R)

CYT-2   *Human cilliary neurothropic factor (CNTF)

LEP-2   *Chicken leptin

ECD-2   *Ovine growth hormone soluble receptor (oGH binding protein)

OTH-2 *Ostreolysin (cytolysin from Pleorotus ostreatus) 

GHP-3    *Ovine growth hormone

CYT-3   *Human stem cell factor (SCF)

LEP-3   *Dog leptin

ECD-3   Rabbit growth hormone soluble receptor (rbGH binding protein)

OTH-3 *Human alpha synuclein

GHP-4    *Ovine growth hormone antagonist (G119R)

CYT-4   *Human granulocyte macrophage–colony stimul. factor (GM-CSF)

LEP-4   *Horse leptin

ECD-11   Bovine prolactin soluble receptor


GHP-5      Rabbit growth hormone

CYT-5   *Human Stromal Derived Factor 1 alpha (SDF1a)

LEP-5   *Human leptin

ECD-12 *Human prolactin soluble receptor


GHP-6    *Rat growth hormone

CYT-6   *Human interleukin 3

LEP-6   *Mouse leptin

ECD-13   Ovine prolactin soluble receptor


GHP-7    *Fish (carp) growth hormone

CYT-7    Human interleukin 7

LEP-7   *Ovine leptin

ECD-14 *Rabbit prolactin soluble receptor


GHP-8    *Fish (denis) growth hormone

CYT-8   *Human interleukin 10

LEP-8   *MTS-tagged ovine leptin

ECD-15  * Rat prolactin soluble receptor


GHP-9      Fish (mai mai) growth hormone

CYT-10 *Human vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF-165)

LEP-9   *Porcine leptin

ECD-16   Rainbow trout prolactin soluble receptor


GHP-10   *Fish (denis) IGF-I

CYT-11 Human thrombopoietin (hTPO)

LEP-10 *Pufferfish leptin (monomer and dimer)

ECD-21  *Mouse growth hormone soluble receptor (mGH binding protein)


GHP-11  *Human pituitary growth hormone 20K

CYT-12 Human glial derived neorotropic factor (hGDNF)

LEP-11 *Rabbit leptin

LBD-1  Chicken leptin binding domain


GHP-12  *Human placental growth hormone 20K

CYT-13 *Human resistin

LEP-12 *Rat leptin

LBD-2  Human leptin binding domain


GHP-13  *Human placental growth hormone 22K

CYT-14 Human interferon alpha 2A

LEP-13 *Salamander leptin



GHP-14  *Human prolactin

CYT-15 Human interferon alpha 2B

LEP-14 *Ovine leptin R4C mutant



GHP-15  *Ovine prolactin

CYT-16 *Human fibroblast growth factor 2

LEP-15 *Human leptin N82K mutant



GHP-16  *Ovine prolactin antagonist G129R

CYT-17  Human interleukin 22

LEP-16 *Tilapia leptin A 



GHP-17    Rabbit prolactin

CYT-18  Human interleukin 22 – pegylated  

LEP-17 *Tilapia leptin B 



GHP-18  *Ovine placental lactogen

CYT-19 *Human interleukin 22 receptor antagonist (Y51A)

LEP-41 *mouse leptin D23L



GHP-19    Caprine placental lactogen

CYT-20 Human interleukin 22 receptor antagonist Y51A – pegylated

LEP-42 *Human leptin D23L



GHP-20  *Bovine placental lactogen

CYT 22 *Human IGF-II 

PEGLEP-43 *Pegylated mouse leptun D23L



GHP-23  Ovine placental growth hormone

CYT-23 *Human resistin antagonist

PEGLEP-44 *Pegylated Human leptun D23L



GHP-24 *Human pituitary growth hormone 22K

CYT-24 *Human fibroblast growth factor 21

PEGLEP-1 *Pegylated mouse leptin



GHP-25 *Mouse prolactin

CYT-25 *Human interleukin 2

PEGLEP-2 *Pegylated rat leptin



GHP-26 *Rat prolactin

CYT-51 *Mouse interleukin 3

PEGLEP-3 *Pegylated human leptin



GHP-27 *Bovine growth hormone

CYT-52  Mouse interleukin 4

PEGLEP-11 *Pegylated human leptin mutant N82K



GHP-28 *Human placental lactogen

CYT-54 *Mouse stem cell factor (mSCF)

The ONLY company selling pegylated leptin!



GHP-29 *Zebrafish growth hormone

CYT-55   Mouse soluble CD40 Ligand (mSCD40L)

LAN-1  *Human leptin antagonist (mutant L39A/D40A/F41A)



GHP-30 *Zebrafish growth hormone mutant G119R

CYT-56 *Mouse interleukin 22

LAN-2  *Human leptin antagonist (mutant L39A/D40A/F41A/I42A)



GHP-31 *Human IGF-I 

CYT-57 *Mouse interleukin 1 alpha

LAN-3  *Mouse leptin antagonist (mutant L39A/D40A/F41A)



GHP-33 *Rat growth hormone antagonists (G119R)

CYT-58 *Mouse interleukin 1 receptor antagonist

LAN-4  *Ovine leptin antagonist (mutant L39A/D40A/F41A)



GHP-35 *Rainbow trout growth hormone

CYT-59 *Mouse interleukin 22 – pegylated 

LAN-5  *Ovine leptin antagonist (mutant L39A/D40A/F41A/I42A)



GHP-36 *Pegylated human prolactin

CYT-60 *Mouse interleukin 22 receptor antagonist (Y51A)

LAN-6  *Rat leptin antagonist (mutant L39A/D40A/F41A)



GHP-37 *Chicken prolactin

CYT-61 *Mouse interleukin 22 receptor antagonist (N54A)

SLAN-1  *Mouse super leptin antagonist (mutant D23/L39A/D40A/F41A)



GHP-38 *Pegylated chicken prolactin

CYT-62 *Mouse interleukin 22 receptor antagonist (R55A) 

SLAN-2  *Human super leptin antagonist (mutant D23/L39A/D40A/F41A)



GHP-40  *Human prolactin antagonist (des 1-9) G129R

CYT-63 *Mouse interleukin 22 receptor antagonist (E117A)

SLAN-3  *Ovine super leptin antagonist (mutant D23/L39A/D40A/F41A)




CYT-64 *Mouse interleukin 22 receptor antagonist Y51A – pegylated

SLAN-4  *Rat super leptin antagonist (mutant D23/L39A/D40A/F41A)




CYT-68 *Mouse fibroblast growth factor 21 

PESLAN-1  *Pegylated mouse super leptin antagonist (mutant D23/L39A/D40A/F41A) 




CYT-69  Mouse interleukin 10

PESLAN-2  *Pegylated human super leptin antagonist (mutant D23/L39A/D40A/F41A) 




CYT-81 *Rat stem cell factor rSCF)

PESLAN-3  *Pegylated ovine super leptin antagonist (mutant D23/L39A/D40A/F41A) 




CYT-82 *Rat cilliary neurothropic factor (CNTF)

PESLAN-4  *Pegylated rat super leptin antagonist (mutant D23/L39A/D40A/F41A) NEW




CYT-101 *Bovine fibroblast growth factor 21

PELAN-1  *Pegylated mouse leptin antagonist (mutant L39A/D40A/F41A)




CYT 102 *Rabbit IGF-I

PELAN-2  *Pegylated rat leptin antagonist (mutant L39A/D40A/F41A)




CYT 103  Rat IGF-I

PELAN-3  *Pegylated ovine leptin antagonist (mutant L39A/D40A/F41A)




CYT 104  Mouse IGF-I

PELAN-4   Pegylated human leptin antagonist (mutant L39A/D40A/F41A)




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