Product: E.coli O157 Rapid Latex test kit

Latex agglutination test for confirmatory identification of E.coli O157 colonies

Cat No. KIT201080

E. coli 0157 Rapid Latex Test Kit is a rapid latex agglutination test intended forconfirmatory identification of E. coli serogroup 0157 cultured onselective solid media from human faecal or food samples. The testallows the rapid differentiation of E. coli 0157 from other E. coliserotypes and organisms isolated from the faeces of patients withdiarrhoea. The kit is intended for professional laboratory use only.

Latex particles are coated with antibodies raised against the Somatic(cell wall) lipopolysaccharide 0157 antigen of E. coli 0157. When sensitised latex particles are mixed with a suspension containing E.coli 0157 antigens, a sensitive and specific immunochemical reactiontakes place causing the finely dispersed latex particles to agglutinate into aggregates that are easily visible to the naked eye.


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