Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

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Next Generation Sequencing

The Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) lab, ISO9001 accredited, provides complete NGS solutions for any project. Whether it’s your first NGS project or your hundredth, we will help you find the right NGS solutions for your research. From planning the experiment, to DNA/RNA extraction, library prep, sequencing and analysis we are here to help you.

Applications include:

  • Microbiome (16s, ITS, 18s): Microbiome analysis, allows one to identify and quantify (relatively) the microbial community in a given set of samples. This is done by sequencing of amplicon libraries for 16s (bacteria/Archaea), ITS (Fungi) or 18s (Eukaryotes). Services included are DNA extraction, library preparation, sequencing and bioinformatic analysis of the data. 
  • Metagenomics: Whole genome sequencing of DNA extracted from environmental samples, allows for the identification of the microbial community of a sample as well as the de novo assembly of genomes.  Services included are DNA extraction, library preparation, sequencing and bioinformatic analysis of the data. 
  • Whole genome sequencing: Sequencing of small genomes (phage, bacteria) and large (human) are done by making libraries from the sample, and then sequencing. Services include: DNA extraction, library preparation, sequencing and Bioinformatic analysis
  • Amplicon sequencing: For amplicon sequencing we utilize a two-step PCR protocol, to amplify your region of interest and add the adaptor and index sequences required for Illumina sequencing. Service include: primer design, first and second step PCR, QC of second PCR, sequencing and analysis.
  • Small RNA sequencing: Small RNA sequencing includes sequencing of microRNAs (miRNA), piwi-interacting RNA, small nucleolar RNA (snoRNA), small nuclear RNA (snRNA), or any other non-protein-codng RNA short in length (<200 nt). Services include: RNA extraction, small RNA library prep, sequencing and analysis. 
  • RNA sequencing/transcriptome:  RNAseq studies are done to compare gene expression levels between different samples, or to study splicing patterns or post-transcriptional modifications. Services include: RNA extraction, poly-A selection, rRNA depletion, directional RNA library prep, sequencing and analysis. 
  • Plasmid sequencing: NGS can be used to sequence plasmids and look for mutations or other changes. A DNA library is prepared from the plasmid, and the library sequenced with a target of 100x coverage. The data is then mapped to the presumed template sequence of the plasmid, or de novo assembled to generate a plasmid map.
  • Gene copy number and insertion site analysis: NGS may be used to determine the number of insertion sites as well as their exact location, using a modified Guides-seq protocol developed at Hy labs.

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