Product: Inspec N10

An alkaline detergent and hard surface cleaner for use in the biopharmaceutical and cleanroom industries

InSpec™ N10 is designed for cleaning hard surfaces by spraying, wiping and mopping. Hold spray approximately 15cm to 20cm from the surface area. 5L versions, pour into an appropriate container for mopping. 100ml concentrate added to 2.5L of water is required for mopping. Apply to surface to ensure complete coverage.


  • Designed for cleaning floors, walls, ceiling and other hard surfaces for the removal of general process derived residue and soiling.
  • Rapid action alkaline detergent. Suitable for manual cleaning.
  • Available in convenient ready to use formats.
  • 3 months validated ‘in-use’ shelf life 1L and 5L formats manufactured with WFI quality water
  • Multiple bags for cleanroom transfer
  • Manufactured in accordance with GMP

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