Dry media plates

Dry plates by Hyserve -Compact Dry is a ready-to-use test method which helps to reduce the time needed to perform microbial testing. Therefore, it allows maximum productivity by increasing efficiency. The plates can be used to test raw materials as well as finished products like food, beverage, meat, cosmetic or other samples.

Compact Dry is an easy-to-read results test method.

simple– Place 1ml of sample onto the plate, the liquid samples will self diffuse evenly over the whole plate. Incubate the plates at the temperature specified in the package inserts.
easy to detect -The grown colonies are pigmented with different colours, developed by chromogenic substrates and redox indicators. The type of bacteria is identified by its colour. For further investigation bacteria can be easily selected.
easy storage – The plates can be kept at room temperature for up to two years and can be used over an incubation temperature range of 20 – 42°C.

suitable for water samples – Add 1 ml diluent, e.g. Peptone water or other appropriate diluent according to EN ISO 6887 in the middle of the plate. Filtrate 100 ml of water sample (or more e.g. 250 ml for bottled water) using a 47 mm diameter, sterile membrane with 0.45 µm pore size. Directly after the end of filtration apply the filter on the pre-moisturized Compact Dry plate. Take care that the filtration side is upwards.

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