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Product: Anaerobic Blood line

PD162 – CDC Anaerobic Blood Agar  for primary isolation of ALL anaerobes found in clinica, including the most fastidious (Bac. melaninogenicus, F. necrophorum).

PD170 – CDC +Amikin Anaerobic Blood Agar for pathogenic anarobes in clinica.

PD072 – Tryptic Soy Agar + Defibrinated Sheep Blood + Amikin Highly selective culture media that inhibits competitive Gram negative flora, improved with growth factors that assure a luxuriant growth of anaerobic microorganisms.

PD016 – Gardnerella Agar Selective inhibitory to Gram positive and negative competitive flora, Gardnerella strains are identified by its’ -haemolysis on human blood when incubated anaerobically.

PD134 – Columbia Agar + Defibrinated Sheep Blood For the cultivation of fastidious microorganisms such as Meningococci, Pneumococci and Streptococci, and for the  determination of the haemolytic activity of the last group.

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