Our laboratory is equipped with The Agilent 7900 ICP-MS, a flexible quadrupole mass spectrometry system that provides the industry’s lowest detection limits, widest dynamic range, and most effective helium collision mode:

Unprecedented matrix tolerance—Agilent’s 7900 ICP-MS has a robust plasma and optional Ultra High Matrix Introduction (UHMI) technology that enable you to routinely measure samples containing up to 25% total dissolved solids (TDS)—100 times higher than the traditional matrix limit for ICP-MS, and far beyond the capability of any other current system.

Widest dynamic range—the new orthogonal detector system (ODS) delivers up to 11 orders of magnitude dynamic range from sub-ppt to percent-level concentrations, enabling you to measure trace elements and majors in the same run.

Better trace level detection—novel interface design and optimized expansion-stage vacuum system increase ion transmission, providing >109cps/ppm sensitivity at <2% CeO, while the ODS provides increased gain and reduced background for improved signal to noise.

Faster analysis of transient signals—with 10,000 separate measurements per second, we provide a short integration times for accurate analysis of transient signals

For the pre-treatment of your samples, our laboratory is equipped with an UltraWAVE microwave, which is based on the SRC (Single Reaction Chamber technology) and compliance with the USP 232/233 Chapters, ICH Q3D Guidelines and FDA regulation 21 CFR part 11

SRC technology achieves extraordinary performance capabilities combining microwave heating with a high-pressure reactor which acts simultaneously as microwave cavity and vessel. With the UltraWAVE technology we can attend to every sample preparation need, we can pre-treat any sample imaginable: Pharmaceutical product, Cannabis, Plant base material, Inorganic solutions, Polymers, soils, alloy, food and more …

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