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Product: NEXTFLEX® Amplicon Panel Kits

Amplicon panels are the technology of choice for small target panels, typically under 50kb of sequence. as fewer reads are required and different strategies can be employed to tackle the resolution of difficult genomic regions, such as those that are highly AT-rich, GC-rich, or possess paralogues or pseudogenes that may be masking the actual gene of interest. Proper amplicon panel design and tactics are needed to ensure high coverage, uniformity, and specificity to assure complete coverage of the sequence without gaps in the intended target regions, as well as to minimize off-target reads, which can be a problem in other sequencing approaches.

Range of amplicons panels available:

  • Cancer & Cancer Predisposition Panels
  • Newborn Syndromes & Inherited Conditions Panels
  • Custom Amplicon Panels
  • Community Panels

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