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Gene Synthesis Services

AZENTA (Genewiz) is known for reliability and completion of projects with a wide range of complexity levels including repetitive sequences with high or low GC content.

 Our 99.9% delivery rate makes our gene synthesis services the top choice for research institutions worldwide.

We provide different genomics solutions

  • Cloned DNA
    -Standard Gene Synthesis and Cloning (PriorityGene) –Gene assembly and Cloning into pUC-57 (Amp/Kan) plasmid or a Custom plasmid of your choice. 

Up to 10kbp.


-Oligo Pools with HT Cloning


  • Specialized Cloned DNA
    -CRISPR gRNA Construct Synthesis – gRNA Synthesis according to your target sequence and Cloning into pUC-57 (Amp/Kan) plasmid or a Custom plasmid of your choice. 
    -Homology Directed Repair (HDR) Donor Construct and Custom Vector Synthesis
    -Synthetic Libraries – Looking to create a gRNA library to screen knock-outs/knock-ins of a variety of genes in one experiment? GENEWIZ’s custom synthetic library service can build a custom gRNA library for your high-throughput CRISPR screening needs.



  • Linear DNA


-dsDNA Synthesis – (FragmentGENE) – double-stranded, linear DNA fragments of 100-3,000 bp, provided in a lyophilized form that can be easily re-suspended, cloned, and screened to identify the correct clone for downstream applications.

Fast delivery time, lower cost, and greater flexibility. 

-ssDNA Synthesis – ssDNA synthesis service provides up to 10,000 nt’ of full sequence-verified fragments quickly and affordably


  • DNA Libraries


-Synthetic DNA Libraries (Fragment or Cloned)

-Oligonucleotide Cloned Libraries

  • Mutagenesis
  • Plasmid DNA Preparation
  • Codon Optimization – GENEWIZ’s codon optimization tool can optimize multiple critical parameters to stabilize DNA fragments and improve gene expression efficiency.


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