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Product: Genemed- Custom Peptide and Antibodies synthesis

Genemed Synthesis Inc (GSI)

GSI offers different peptide synthesis options:

  • Up to 100 aa in length
  • Synthesis Scale- from 1 mg to 1 Kg
  • Purity level of >70-98%
  • Variety of Peptide Modifications- Acetylation, Amidation, Biotinylation, Fluorescein and more.
  • Special amino acids- D and L forms, mix of 2-19 random aa, unnatural aa
  • Conjugation of Peptides- Protein carrier conjugation (BSA, Ovalbumin, KLH etc.), affinity support (Agarose)
  • Peptide Libraries- Generation of overlapping peptide libraries from whole protein sequence
  • Additional Services- Amino acid analysis, Sequencing, Peptide content, Mass-Spec, HPLC

GSI also offers Custom Monoclonal/Polyclonal Antibody services.

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