Klebsiella pneumoniae Resistance

KPC Gene Detection Tools

The recent and rapid spread of Carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae, due to the presence of the carbapenem hydrolyzing b-lactamase KPC enzyme, has been alarming.
Strict measurements and early detection of the KPC gene by routine testing can help controlling their spread during outbreaks and intra/inter-hospital transmission.

Hy KPC detection kits

 KI 5050C2  
 For standard PCR - Freeze-dried. Detection is made by UV light after gel electrophoresis.
 KI 5050
 For Real Time PCR - Compatible with most real time PCR instruments


  • Sensitive and specific - highly effective at detecting the presence of the KPC gene directly from colonies,
  • bacterial DNA or clinical swabs.
  • Includes Positive and Internal Controls - for straightforward interpretation of results
  • Convenient and simple to use - just add your DNA to a ready-to-use PCR premix tube.
  • Fast - results are obtained within 3-4 hours.
  • All Included - Each kit contains all reagents needed to perform the assay, positive control and a detailed protocol, including instructions for DNA purification.
Find out how to use Hy-KPC Detection PCR Kit with Internal Control

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