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Bacterial and Fungal  identifications

Bacterial and Fungal (yeast and mould) Identifications

Performing environmental monitoring or sterility tests?
Looking for professional, accurate and reliable microbial identification?
Hy Laboratories Ltd provides cGMP-certified bacterial and fungal (yeast and mould) identifications, using the latest sequence-based technologies and offering accelerated turn-around times.
Sequencing of the Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) genes, followed by comparison of the resulting sequences to ribosomal gene databases, has proven to be the most accurate method available for Bacterial & Fungal identification, providing the highest sensitivity and specificity.
Additional advantages of this method include:
  • A significant reduction in the number of organisms that cannot be identified compared to phenotypic or other identification methods.
  • Identification of unusual species.
  • No need for viable microorganisms.
Hy Laboratories Ltd uses the above approach to offer high quality cGMP-certified Bacterial & Fungal identification. We serve a variety of customers from the industry and academy, and support customers' regulatory requirements including environmental monitoring, tracking and trending analysis and sterility testing.
Our service includes:
  • Culturing and isolation (with additional charge)
  • DNA extraction (from colonies / media / specimen)
  • PCR amplification of the ribosomal RNA genes
  • Sequencing
  • Identification using genotypic comparative analysis against several web-based microbial sequence libraries including archived NCBI sequences for gene identification,16S ribosomal RNA sequences (Bacteria and Archaea) and Ribosomal Database Project - RDP. The results represent the highest homology found for the tested sample.
  • A report that includes the scientific name of the identified microorganism (Genus and Species) and the highest percentage of homology found to the tested sample.
  • Upon request, details of the microorganism's habitat, phylogenetic analysis, molecular sequence used for identification, and list of top matches to the tested sample will be included.
  • Expected turnaround times are usually 1-5 working days.
  • Hy Laboratories also offers the MALDI-TOF-MS method for microbial identification and a DNA Fingerprinting method for assessing similarity of bacteria or fungi strains.
What to send:
  • Isolated colony (on agar plates or liquid broth).
  • Specimen (non-clinical) - swabs, food, liquids etc - Applicable on a single strain contaminated specimen only. Otherwise, specimens' microorganisms can be isolated by us.
  • All samples should be obtained with ordering confirmation form, obtained from the online ordering system on Hy Laboratories web site.
  • Shipment temperature - Refrigerated (ambient for short delivery time).
For additional information please contact Dr. Eyal Mor, 08-9366475/126, Email:  Lab-MBC@hylabs.co.il

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