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Oligos products

Oligos products

hylabs together with metabion offers "one stop shop" for custom oligonucleotides, offering a complete spectrum of custom oligos - from high quality/high throughput oligos (MTP formats) to high-quality special oligos like Real-time PCR probes including LightCycler® probes. Our high technology production platform, our highly experienced staff, our sophisticated protocols, and our well implemented Quality Management System guarantee consistent high-level quality to ensure our customers' satisfaction
 hylabs are producing oligos (≤45 bases) under the license of Metabion. Producing in Israel allows us to improve our service and improve the delivery time. Optional next day delivery for some locations is offered. With each order of oligos a synthesis report is supplied. The report includes data on the oligo- its sequence, Yield, MW ect. Each oligo goes through QC test of Maldi -Tof. Oligos can be supplied in a single tube format or in plate format, in dry format or resuspended to a normalized concentration.
Oligos can be ordered for sequencing purpose and go directly to our Sequencing lab service
hylabs/ Metabione Custom DNA Primers are synthetic oligonucleotides made to order with your specified sequence for use in a variety of applications from PCR and sequencing to probes for gene detection. Custom DNA Primers and Probes are available as standard deoxynucleotides, modified bases, 5'/3'/internal modified nucleotides, S-oligos for antisense studies and RNA oligos.
Primers for NGS are also available with high quality oligonucleotides at economic scales.
We offer 3 purification options- Standard desalted, OPC and HPLC in several scales of production

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